Case No. 20 DR3 00038 1B Dept: I IN

89423 | 10/21/2020 | Ad id: 7-0000628482-01

Case No. 20 DR3 00038 1B Dept: I IN THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATEOF NEVADA, IN AND FOR CARSON CITY In the matter of the Petition of: JULITZA RUNYON for, Change of Name. / NOTICE On the 30th day of September, 2020, a Petition was filed in the above-entitled Court by JULITZA RUNYON ("Petitioner"), acting through her pro bono attorney, Natalia K. Vander Laan Esq. of Vander Laan Law Firm LLC, requesting that the Court legally change Petitioner's present name of Julitza Runyon to the new name JULITZA ALAIMO. Any opposition to this Petition should be filed with the above-entitled Court within ten (10) days of the final publication of this Notice. The undersigned does hereby affirm that the preceding document does not contain the Social Security Number of any person. Dated this 7 day of October, 2020. Aubrey Rowlatt CLERK OF THE COURT S BARAJAS Deputy Clerk Pub: October 21, 2020 Ad#0000628482